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How we work


We work for international companies, from start-ups to multinationals in fields as varied as consumer products, public design, furniture & lighting, transportation and medical appliances. Teaming up with C10 is a fairly informal affair, however it is good to know that we have a clear preference for projects that incorporate a technical challenge. We are most certainly product nerds but that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to enjoy ourselves. How many companies do you know where electric scooters and beer systems are tested during work hours. We believe our free spirit and informal approach to problem solving has allowed strong relationships to develop with our customers who seem to value our commitment to their corporate goals.


We don’t believe in the production of a large quantity of design proposals, we prefer to concentrate on a smaller selection of ideas that are strong and viable rather than honouring the common request to provide “buzz concepts” that are inherently short lived and seldom a success in the market place.          


Our approach to engineering depends greatly on the needs of our clients. We are comfortable taking on the complete engineering process from initial-prototyping through detailed engineering to assisting with initial production runs. However we also undertake projects where a client has in-house engineering capabilities, where we then take on a more supportive role.

Project management

In recent years we have discovered that an increasing amount of clients wish us to manage the overall creation process. With our combined experience of 75 years in product development we are often able to find the correct model maker, software developer, tool maker, manufacturing partner etc. and create a compact and efficient team.