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C10’s answer to the challenges of “personal transportation”.

This project is a direct result of many internal discussions and studies into the challenges of urban mobility. Could we conceive, design, develop and produce a product that would bring existing forms of transportation together and provide some solutions for the issues of modern mobility?

The GIGI is our answer: A foldable electric scooter that weighs less than 30kg. has a range of 35km. and can be charged in 4 hours from a standard household socket. Due to its clean drive-train and compact form the scooter can be quickly folded to accompany its owner in cars, trains, metros, ferries and even aircraft.

We like to call it “foldable freedom”

The concept adheres to European legislation and has been granted a global patent. We are presently producing our first batch of GIGI’s with our production partner in Poland and aim to launch the product in the European market within the coming months.